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Being a Church music director myself, I know the dynamics of a church music ministry. I have tuned hundreds of church pianos and understand the essentials for keeping them in tune. I have seen  church music directors hire and then fire piano tuner after piano  tuner thinking something is wrong with the tuner  since the piano sounds out, soon after it is tuned. In most cases, it was other factors that may not have been adressed that caused the piano not to stay in tune. It is possible for a piano to go out of tune in a few hours in the right or should I say wrong conditions. Tight plate bolts,piano climate control systems, stable tuning  ( properly setting the tuning pins and strings) and other factors are essential for a church piano to stay in tune. More frequent tunings are often needed.

I included a  helpful video to explain more about piano climate control systems. It is an older video but does a good job of covering the details.  These systems really do an amazing job helping to stabalize a piano.


The name of the game is to stop the sound board from moving due to humidity variations. If the sound board is moving, there is no chance in having your piano stay  in tune. It will even go out of tune will it is being tuned! So check out the video and if you have more questions call or request a free information pack.

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A real world example of church piano instability solved!


 Back in the early 90's I came to tune a church piano. A Kawai grand that was needing a basic tune and a  pitch adjustment. I noticed that it was in a bad climate like most church pianos and did not have a piano climate control in the piano. I tuned the piano only to notice it was going out of tune while I was tuning it. I went over it again and again. I got it tuned the best I could and came back some months later only to find it needed a pitch adjustment again The piano would be 17-25 cents sharp. (Not stable at all and a sign of high humidity).  The same thing happened while I was trying to tune. It would move while I was tuning it. Finally, I marched into the church office and explained to them that I would not be able to tune for them unless they installed a climate control in the piano. I am normally not that insistant, but this piano demanded it! They went ahead and had me order and install a full piano climate control system. After it was installed in the piano, the piano would tune up with ease and after a few tunings and maybe slighty over a years time,  I only needed to come back once a year. Even then the piano was within a cent or two of A-440 (very close to where it needed to be). This situation is only one example of many church pianos I have serviced over the years. It typically takes a year or so to stabalize a piano that does not hold tune well. Don't keep getting new tuners like I have seen some churches do. Try correcting the root problem. Stop the sound board from swelling and contracting and you will be amazed how the piano performs for you!