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Videos are samples out of our studio written and produced by Robert Page.


I know that music is very powerful. It moves you in one way or another. That gives us song writers a huge responsibility.  I believe that music needs to hit the heart and not just the head. I like to try and write music with a powerful message.  Although I have written many songs in the verse, chorus ,verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, format, I have seen over the years many successful writers, write outside that box and do well. Sometimes a song has a need to have a dark beginning and  brighter end coupled with a building transition. Sometimes a song tells a story and you can't always fit the verse chorus format in a story song.  Some song writers swear that the only way to write lyrics is to use the popular conversational style. I use that style a lot myself but also have seen great poetic works for music that have been greatly successful and work for that type of genre. I don't write to be main stream, but write to drive home powerful messages often from my Christian experiences and like to write music that supports those messages. If it is an instrumental, Beauty and warmth, stirring and melodic are paramount in my mind. Music has to be creative and original, not just found accidentally from a basic chord progression. But at that same time the melody line needs some element of predictability in order for it to be catchy. Music was made by my creator and I will do my best to honor him in the music I write. I hope that all who listen are blessed by what they hear.

New-We are now publishing small amounts of Christian sheet music CD's and books!

Our second Christian Music project to be released in 2022
New book coming in 2023!