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Recording studio services

  • Record your music in a full 48 track digital recording studio (solo and small combos)
  • Record your childs talent starting at only $29.95
  • Create a radio drama
  • Voice overs
  • Can't play? We can create you a sound track, fully orchestrated.
  • Clean up old recordings and transfer to CD
  • Song writing/jingles
  • Vocal work
  • Learn how to put together and operate your own home recording studio
About our recording studio services

recording experience! You want great Master quality recordings at an affordable price? This maybe the place to start! This studio is a small profesional home project studio. Projects out of this studio have literally circled the globe. This is a christian based studio and focuses on projects that are in keeping with this owners faith and practice.

Some projects start as low as $29.95

This studio can handle small projects or full CD productions from A-Z Full orchestrations, arrangements, scripts, mastering, and can work with duplication houses to have your finished product produced and delivered to your door step.

Can't play an instrument? Need an arrangement with your vocal work? Sure no problem. Come hum a tune and you can have a CD of your music, with you singing with a full digital orchestra.

Do you have a child playing the piano or another instrument? How about a CD to preserve his/her playing. Do one each year and keep track of his/her progress.

All jobs are quoted due to the countless variations of each custom project. But do to the fact that this studio is home based and paid for (that is always a good thing) pricing is quite competative.

Never thought you could have a CD? Call for a quote and see how affordable it can be! 

We reserve the right to accept or reject any recording project.

Below are samples out of our digital recording studio.