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  Piano tuning, repair and lessons, Chillicothe, Washington C.H.  & S. Central OH

Piano lessons $75/Month+tax for weekly lessons.

Always wanted to play the piano? It's not to late! I have taught people from 8-80 years of age to play.

Come try a free private lesson in our home recording studio. No commitments or contracts required to take advantage of this offer!

Piano is relaxing, enjoyable, challenging and is the best way to become an excellent musician. It helps train your brain, increases your math skills and hand eye coordination. It is the best place to start a child in music. It is a great discipline with the wonderful reward of making beautiful music.


1. Lessons are $75/month+tax

No required recitals! Many people are interested in learning piano but don't have a desire to perform in front of others. No worries. No recitals are required. Just learn and start enjoying the art of making music.

A discount of $5.00 per student given for families with two students taking lessons during the same semester.


2. Payment arrangements for families with more than two students taking lessons can be arranged breaking payment into two payments a month instead of one.


3. Students are required to obtain certain books throughout the lessons. Most books are available new or used on Sometimes loaner books are available for first few weeks. Loaner books need to be returned after first month and your own copy needs to be purchased. Please do not write in loaner books.


4. Up to three students per family are allowed to take advantage of the “free lesson” promotion.


5. A tuned and regulated acoustic piano is needed to practice on at home or a high quality keyboard. An un-tuned or poorly maintained piano will hold the student back from learning piano, keep the student from being motivated to play, can hurt their ear training and greatly hinder properly hearing intervals and chords. If you have any questions about the condition of your home acoustic piano, free piano evaluations are available through our piano shop for any student’s piano. (A $95 value).


6. I teach the piano using the Chord method along with all basic sight reading and music theory. Although I started with classical music,  trained privately from Dave Mcbride a concert level pianist and organist, I find that the chord method was quicker and more practical in many situations. If a student seems to excel and have a stronger desire or aptitude for sight reading, I will help set up a different teacher down the road if desired. For everyone starting, this is always a place to start and for many it will be everything they need to play the music they love. No classical or jazz is taught in this method. Please call if you have any questions.

7. Piano lessons are typically 40-45 Min. per week. (Min. 30 Minutes).



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